About Us

Let me first start by saying Thank You for being here. Your support means alot and does not go unnoticed.

I wanted to write up an article to let you all know what this website/brand is, how it started and the direction it will be headed.


This website/Brand is something I wanted to start for well over a year, but due to other obligations and my full-time job I unfortunately just did not have the time.

In February 2020 I finally had caught up with other projects and obligations and had time to work on what had been in the plans for a long time coming. With Sports and Sports Betting at an all time high, I finally felt it was time to go ahead with the launch and put full effort into everything. My plans were to launch the website on March 15, however in the midst of the NBA season, we as a DFS community get this message from the NBA: “League game play halted ‘until further notice’ beginning Thursday, March 12” . Basically, Basketball was over!!

During the early part of 2020 there had been talk around about Covid-19, but at the time it wasn’t an issue in the United States and it seemed to be confined to China, however, out of the blue in March 2020, it seemed that Rudy Gobert from the Utah Jazz single-handedly shut down the sports world! Now I know this isn’t 100% true, but if you have been in or around the DFS community for the past 6 months or longer, you know what I am talking about.

Within less than a 2 week time period from the NBA stopping play and canceling their entire season, other sports had done the same. No more NASCAR, No more NHL, No more GOLF, etc.

Without sports, there was no sense in launching a DFS website and without knowing when sports would make a comeback, our plans were halted before they really ever began.

Fast forward until Mid-May 2020 and the world had started to gain more knowledge about Covid-19 and while it is still something to take serious, the world has found that it may not be as serious as once thought. With this said and with Professional Sports Teams and Players taking safety precautions, the sports world started to reopen!!

PGA was the first to come back with the Outlaw Tour, Then Baseball returned in Korea with the KBO, Then NASCAR made its way from virtual racing back to the actual speedways of America!! Slowly, but surely progress was being made and with this positive trend, it was now time to launch Fantasy Target!! So on May 15th, we opened.


The original Goal/Plan for this website is to overall be a community for DFS players where we can all meet and talk about sports via our chatroom and forums. In addition, I will be covering most sports and writing articles and building cheat-sheets to use for DFS Contests because after-all, that’s why we are all here!

Unlike some DFS Providers you will find online, the Goal here is to give you the best data, picks and strategy is a narrowed down form that is easy to read, understand and use. You will never see an article here listing 15 out of 30 players and calling it a cheat-sheet. Too many “Providers” in the DFS world sell their work and picks by basically scatter-gunning a ton of players on a sheet and calling it data, which isn’t helpful to DFS players. Here, you will only find our best picks and everything is based off of data and research.


As you can tell from visiting our website, it is laid out with Articles. The articles cover various sports and will breakdown everything from Vegas Odds to Weather that may impact the games to who we think will give you the best chance to win contests and get you in the Green!!

In addition to the Articles, you will see Cheat Sheet’s listed in the articles. These sheets will contain more in-depth details about the games you are betting on and will feature core picks to help you build your lineups. The sheets will feature our favorite stacks, favorite builds, favorite players, etc. The articles will always be free of charge, however the Cheat-Sheets will be available to purchase for $1 and $2 each depending on the Sport.

Cheat-Sheets will not be on a monthly subscription plan as other websites charge, instead they will be on a per sport and per contest basis. The reason for this is because not all DFS players play every single sport or contest and if you are subscribed to other “providers” who charge you $20, $30, $40 a month, you are basically throwing away money when you don’t play and for sports you don’t play. With our sheets being on an individual basis, this allows you to pick and choose what you want to buy. If you are strictly a NASCAR player or Strictly an MMA player, then you are spending about $5 a month compared to $20, $30, $40 or more a month.

You will also see on our website, the Forums and Chatroom. This is where we as a DFS community can socialize and discuss plays, picks and more for the upcoming games as well as just have fun and get away from the stress and grind of everyday life!


Once again, thank you for being here and thank you for supporting us as we grow. While we cannot guarantee you win every single contest you enter, we can guarantee that the content and information provided here will be the best narrowed down data we are able to give you.

Good Luck and Play Smart!

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