Australian Football League Fantasy Picks June 12

Australian Football League is here!!!

That’s right everyone, we now have the Australian Football League starting play after the Covid-19 shutdown and we could not be more excited! This is a hard hitting, fast paced game that is as entertaining to watch as it is to bet on in DFS.

The Australian Football League started their season in March 2020 and the teams were able to play 1 game before the global pandemic hit and shut down sports around the world. Since then the players have not played in competition games and it could show in these first few games back, but luckily these guys are professionals who know the importance of staying in shape and practicing how/when they can, so I expect to see 100% effort by everyone and some good overall play by these guys!

Let’s now get into the breakdown of AFL terms and then how scoring works on DraftKings and then we will dive into our data and core picks!!


Handball – It is the primary means of disposing of the football by hand, and is executed by holding the ball with one hand and punching it with the other.

Mark – When a player cleanly catches (or is deemed to have controlled the ball for sufficient time) a kicked ball that has traveled more than 15 metres without any other player touching it (prior to the player marking the ball) or the ball hitting the ground.

Goal – Maximum score (equivalent to 6 points) achieved by kicking the ball between the two goal-posts without it touching either post or any other player

Kick – A legal disposal of the ball by foot. By formal definition, contacting the football with any part of a player’s leg below the knee is considered a kick.

Hit Out – Knocking the ball out of the ruck contest following a stoppage with clear control, regardless of which side wins the following contest at ground level.

Now we know that these terms and rules are new to almost everyone reading this, but if you follow the games and get a chance to watch them, you will start to understand what is going on.


Goal+6 Pts
Tackle+4 Pts
Kick+3 Pts
Mark+3 Pts
Handball+2 Pts
Hit Out+1 Pts
Behind+1 Pts
Free Kick For+1 Pts
Free Kick Against-3 Pts

Ok, now let’s get into some data and stats!! First off, remember that we have only 1 game to go off of for this season due to the shutdown, so we are going to jump into the stats from 2019 as they are just as relevant and 99% of the players are still on the same teams and at the same positions. Feel free to scroll through the stats below.

And now for what you have been waiting for!!!


  • Gary Ablett (F)
  • Patrick Dangerfield (M)
  • Harry Taylor (D)
  • Rhys Stanley (R)

Start your lineups with this core and build around them. On DraftKings you will have just over $5000 per player remaining which is perfect to finish out your lines. My suggestion is to pick in this order: Forwards first, Defense second, Midfielders last.

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