Call of Duty Fantasy Basics

Call of Duty League: The Basics

Each matchup is always a best-of-five series, with three different game modes. Hardpoint is a king of the hill style game modes. Search and Destroy aka SnD is a round-based game mode — similar to a round of CS:GO. Finally, Domination is a capture and control game mode. Hardpoint and Domination are known as respawn game modes, as opposed to SnD — where you only have one life per round.

Hardpoint is always played in Game 1 and Game 4 during the series. Search and Destroy is always Game 2 and Game 5. Domination is only Game 3.

Lineup Requirements

Lineups will consist of 6 Players with a maximum of 3 from any one team. Teams do count towards the 3-player maximum. A valid lineup must span at least 2 different COD games with a maximum of 3 players from the same team.

The 6 roster positions are:


The player you select as your Captain will score 1.5x the standard fantasy point value for each statistic, but drafting a player as Captain will cost more salary than drafting them at any other position.

Call of Duty DFS: DraftKings Scoring

The scoring system awards points for the different game modes, which will allow you to target different players who excel at different things.

Player StatsDraftKings Points
Bombs Planted/Defused (Only in SnD)+3
Captures (Only in Domination)1
Capture Time Per Second (Only in Hardpoint)0.1 per second

There are some players who are known more as ‘objective players,’ who prioritize captures ahead of kills and could easily finish a game of Hardpoint with over 100 seconds of capture time. This gives them a boost since they might fall behind in the kills category.

Team StatsDraftKings Points
Games Won4
Match Won10
Search and Destroy Round Won0.5

Scoring Notes

  • Points for Bomb Plants and Defuses will be awarded during Search and Destroy games. These points will only be awarded to the player who planted or defused the bomb, and not to the teammates or team the player belongs to.
  • Points for Captures are awarded during the Domination games. Points for captures will be awarded to the player who is standing on one of the three static flags located around the map, and not the teammates or teams the player belongs to.
  • Points for Capture Time are awarded during Hardpoint games. These points are awarded to players standing within the team controlled hardpoint boundaries. +.1 point is awarded per second.
  • Round, Game, and Match points will only be awarded to teams and not to the players belonging to the team. Match points are awarded to the team who won the best of five game series. Game points are awarded to the winning team at the conclusion of each game. Round points will be awarded during the Search & Destroy game type, where teams compete best of eleven round series.

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