DFS Baseball Stacking

Draftkings allows you to select up to 5 hitters from the same team. This is important to know because many times, we will want to take advantage of a particular team poised to do well, due to the ballpark, the lineup, the weather, the opposing pitcher, etc.

When choosing a team whose lineup you want to “stack”, the first place to go is Las Vegas… no, not literally! We want to check the over/under on runs scored for each of the day’s games. The team favorite in the highest predicted game total will be a team we want to target. When you stack a lineup, it is important to understand the dynamics of a baseball lineup.

Here is a basic layout of a typical MLB lineup. The National League has 8 batters and then the pitcher, while the American League has nine batters due to the designated hitter. This will not matter as I urge you to stick to hitters batting in the one through six slots. Sometimes, there may be a bargain at the seven slot, but steer clear of eight and nine spots.

Leadoff hitter – This is most likely the table setter, with a lot of speed, and hopefully a good on base percentage. The leadoff hitters get you stolen bases, which are worth a healthy two points at most DFS sites. Past data shows that leadoff hitters stole almost double any other position.

Number 2 hitter – From what the stats tell us, the number two hitter is a lesser version of the leadoff hitter. They had roughly the same OPS, but the number two hitter lacked the stolen bases.

Number 3 hitter – This is the stud. In general, the number 3 hitter has the highest average and on base plus slugging percentage. He is usually the first guy to target on a stacked team. He is also protected in the lineup by having a big bat behind him.

Clean up hitter – This is the power guy. He has more home runs than anyone else due to the chance of the first three hitters reaching base, and giving him an opportunity to knock them all in. Cleanup hitters usually lead the league in home runs and runs batted in.

Number 5 hitter – Some say this is the runs batted in guy, or the wannabe cleanup hitter. On stacked teams, the number 5 hitter can get you a ton of runs batted in.

Number 6 and 7 hitter – On stacked teams, number six and seven do not fall into the other categories, or there is someone more worthy taking their place. These hitters should be relatively cheap and if the other slots are too expensive, you may take someone later in the order, with the hopes that they simply get more at bats than players on other teams, as well as more RBI opportunities.

The advantages of stacking a lineup with teammates are to take advantage of plays that score points for two or more of your players. If you grab the leadoff hitter, 3 hole hitter, cleanup hitter, and number 5 hitter, you can theoretically have the first three players reach base and get a grand slam from the number 5 hitter. That one swing will get you 16 points, an enormous number. 4 points for the home-run. There is nothing sweeter than stacking a lineup that puts up double digit runs!


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